Marvel Madness: Endgame Region – Round 2

As usual, it’s been longer than I intended since my last update, but I’m determined to get through this, despite their now being almost as much MCU Phase 4 content as the first 3 phases combined, none of which is included in this exercise. but no matter: onward and upward!

The Endgame Region:

1 vs 8 It’s tough to overate Iron Man. Marvel studios had no way over knowing what the MCU would become and took a flyer on what, at the time, was a second tier hero, a director known for quirky comedies, and a bedraggled former teen-star getting his second chance after public legal troubles. So many points for degree of difficulty! However… Endgame! ENDGAME!! there is just too much going for it. it does such an amazing juggling act with so many characters and such a huge emotional pitt it has to dig it’s way out of, and it does it so deftly. Plus the Mjolnir scene! everybody in every theater screaming YASSSS! simultaneously, the Russo Brothers are masters of ensemble film making. this match-up goes to Endgame

4 vs 5 Spider-Man 2 continues to roll through a fairly easy bracket as Deadpool 2, not the strongest Fox-Marvel outing, is easy pickings for this juggernaut (pun intended)

3 vs 11 Spider-Man: Far From Home is enjoyable and has its own strengths, but ultimately, it’s another Spider-Man movie, and there are a bunch of them at this point. Kingsman: The Secret Service is totally unique, and such a wild ride, I’m giving this one to Kingsman in an upset!

2 vs 10 I’m a Captain Marvel fan, it gets a totally undeserved bad rap from a vocal minority. Brie Larson brings a lot to the character, and I love that the central theme of the movie is finding your true potential under years of gaslighting, it’s quite a unique premise. X-Men 2 though is just so damned good! this is peak X-Men here. I don’t have really anything else to add that I didn’t already say last time, but here is the second upset in a row, X-Men 2 is on a Cinderella roll!

next up: Ultron Region – Round 2

The Endgame Region – Round 1 results are here, Ultron Region – Round 1 results are here, the Infinity Region – Round 1 results are here, and Avengers Region – Round 1 results are here. If you want to check them out. If you want to go back and see the original post setting up the bracket, it’s here


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