Marvel Madness: Endgame Region – Round 2

As usual, it’s been longer than I intended since my last update, but I’m determined to get through this, despite their now being almost as much MCU Phase 4 content as the first 3 phases combined, none of which is included in this exercise. but no matter: onward and upward!

Marvel Madness: Endgame Region – Round 1

I know it’s been 6 months since I initiated this bracket and I haven’t followed through with it, but, 2020. So, now that it’s 2021, let’s get started on the right foot and FINALLY get this show on the road. so without further adieu, here’s round 1 of the Endgame region of the Marvel Madness Bracket!

It’s Not as Stupid as You Think for Spaceships to Bank-to-Turn

We’re all nerds here, we’ve all smirked and snarked about bad movie physics… you know this song by heart. “There’s no sound in space.” “Gas tanks don’t explode when you shoot them.” “Why would a spaceship need to bank-to-turn?” Hang on, back up. Let’s talk about that last one for a second. Maybe there’s aContinue reading “It’s Not as Stupid as You Think for Spaceships to Bank-to-Turn”