Marvel Madness: Infinity Region – Round 2

Keeping rolling with Round 2 – Infinity Region results. Second update in 2 weeks, let’s rock and Roll!

The Infinity Region:

1 vs 9 This is an interesting match-up here. Men in Black was peak 90’s and really cemented itself in the cultural consciousness. I’m just not sure if that’s enough to overcome Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War WENT THERE in a way that I don’t think anyone was expecting. The Russo Brothers basically wrote themselves to a point where they had to ask the question, “Thanos is so powerful, how do the good guys win?” and they had the chutzpah to answer: They. Don’t. Think back to the first time you saw this movie if you managed to avoid any spoilers. Just… Wow.

4 vs 5 I’ve just been sitting here stairing at this paragraph trying to determine if the original Tobey Maguire Spider-Man is really better than Deadpool or is it just my nostalgia colored glasses. I think ultimately whether its the nostalgia talking or not, I have to give it to Spider-Man. where would superhero movies be without this movie? and i know, technically, i shouldn’t be including films released after I started this process two and a half years ago, but dang-it Spider-Man: No Way Home is so damned good and absolutely could not have happened without this movie!

3 vs 11 Look, I know that X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spider-Man 3 must seem like a terrible match-up that nobody wants to see. but hear me out. Spider-Man 3 does not deserve the level of hate it gets! I know there is too much going on in this movie, there were some casting errors, but I’m going to defend emo Peter. hold on tight, I am willing to die on this hill. Emo Peter is such a perfect way to portray the effect of the symbiote on Peter. It’s not that the symbiote is compelling Peter to dance, dress, and act like an arrogant jerk, it’s making him feel powerful and unleashed. He’s living out all of his Nerd-Cringe fantasies that he always imagined would make him seem cool in high school and college. Dancing without feeling self conscious, throwing shade back at people who think you’re weird, it’s all stuff that nerdy teenage Peter would have imagined himself doing but never had the self confidence to do for real. The symbiote isn’t so much making him do that stuff, it’s giving him permission to do that stuff. So I’m giving this one to Spider-Man 3 unironically. Fight me!

2 vs 7 I may need to rewatch Big Hero 6 at some point, because it seems to be getting a resurgence of love recently and I don’t remember it being particularly remarkable, but ultimately, I don’t think it matters because it’s going up against Captain America: Civil War. What a bold move by the Russos to do an avengers movie that’s not an avengers movie, split the heros and have them fight each other instead of the villain, and introduce 2.5 new superheroes along the way. Civil War, on you go.

Right-o we’re keeping things moving – check back soon for the last region of round 2, the Avengers Region, then we’re on to the sweet 16!

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