Marvel Madness: Avengers Region – Round 2

Ok we rolled through Round 2 pretty well here. Some really exciting matchups in the Avengers Region, so let’s get rolling!

The Avengers Region:

1 vs 8 The Avengers vs Logan is a barn burner. They couldn’t be more different as far as superhero movies go. The Avengers is an incredibly fun romp that showed that you can successfully bring a half dozen superstars together into a shared movie without wasting any of them. Logan demonstrated what a comic-book adaptation can be when it’s allowed to breath a little bit, unconstrained by a PG-13 rating or trying to appeal to the masses. I think if you ask me to choose this matchup on different days you might get different answers. tonight though, Novelty wins out and Logan prevails on the strength of it’s relationships and emotions. All though Tom Hiddleston put in a valiant effort to try to put this movie on his back and carry it across the finish line.

4 vs 5 Look, don’t get me wrong, Venom is a fun in a bat-guano crazy sort of way. Tom Hardy is chewing the scenery in the best possible way here, but Guardians of the Galaxy found magic lurking in one of the weirder little corners of the Marvel Universe and gave us an absolutely delightful film. I’m giving this one to Guardians of the Galaxy.

3 vs 11 Spider-Man vs Spider-Man here, whose it gonna be? Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man and Michael Keaton is so perfect as Vulture in Homecoming, but Into the Spider-Verse is something totally unique. I might be somewhat biased by my 7 year-old son’s obsession with it, but may be that doesn’t matter. I think I would love it just as much on my own (though maybe I wouldn’t have watched it quite as many times).

10 vs 15 Blade continues it’s remarkable Cinderella run in the battle of the underdogs as Hugh Jackman’s bounce-back outing in The Wolverine (coming off of the abysmal X-Men Origins: Wolverine) can’t quite muster the magic again. Blade is a tight action/adventure/horror vampire movie before action/adventure/horror vampire movies were really a thing. Points for originality and figuring out how to adapt what could have been a fairly ridiculous premise successfully to the big screen (plus all of the inspired casting i talked about in round 1) lifts Blade into the Sweet 16 as a 15 seed. “Some Emeffers are always tryin’ to ice-skate uphill”

Ok, and just like that, we’re through Round 2! Avengers Region proved to be a massacre for the favorites as 5 seed Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest ranking team to make it through to the Sweet 16. Onward!

the rest of the Round 2 results are her: EndgameUltronInfinity

The Endgame Region – Round 1 results are here Ultron Region – Round 1 results are here Infinity Region – Round 1 results are here and Avengers Region – Round 1 Results are here. If you want to check them out. If you want to go back and see the original post setting up the bracket, it’s here


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